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The Morgenstern Center for Orbital and Facial Plastic Surgery offers BOTOX Cosmetic in Philadelphia, Wayne, Lancaster, and the neighboring tri-state areas

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BOTOX Cosmetic is the world’s best-selling wrinkle reduction treatment of its kind.

At The Morgenstern Center for Orbital and Facial Plastic Surgery in Philadelphia BOTOX Cosmetic is a treatment method used by Dr. Ken Morgenstern and his team of trained cosmetic specialists to relax muscles that lead to dynamic wrinkles in the face and neck. To learn if BOTOX Cosmetic can help you achieve your beauty goals, schedule an appointment at the Morgenstern Center today.

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For patients in Philadelphia, Wayne and Lancaster BOTOX Cosmetic is used to soften a particular type of wrinkle caused by the muscular activity in your face. Your facial muscles move when you make expressions. Over time, this causes wrinkles to form where the skin is being folded together. For example, the lines across your forehead form when you raise your eyebrows. The lines between your eyebrows, called “the elevens”, form when you furrow your them.

BOTOX Cosmetic patients can have injections performed in many different ways. Facial movement after treatment may range from minimal to completely natural and still achieve a more youthful look, depending on the treatment strategy. During your consultation, we will review your beauty goals and sculpt a personalized treatment plan for your face.

Botox Philadelphia

What Is BOTOX Cosmetic?

BOTOX Cosmetic is an FDA-approved injectable serum made from a neurotoxin that reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by relaxing the facial muscles beneath the skin that cause them.

BOTOX Cosmetic is a thoroughly vetted product that has been the focus of more than a decade of published studies.

  • Frown lines or glabellar lines: the vertical lines between your eyebrows. They can make you look angry or frustrated when you are not.
  • Crow's feet: the crinkly lines at the outside corners of your eyes, where the skin is very thin and delicate. These lines are formed over the years from laughter, smiling, and squinting your eyes. These lines can also be worsened by sun exposure.
  • Forehead lines: the horizontal lines or creases extending across your forehead. These lines are easily formed after years of raising your brow and making facial expressions.
  • Smoker's lines: the lines formed around your mouth, usually by facial expressions and speaking that causes you to pucker your lips. Cigarette smokers often experience these types of wrinkles.

What are the Benefits of BOTOX Cosmetic?

Fine lines and wrinkles on the face are some of the first real telltale signs of aging. By treating these wrinkles with BOTOX Cosmetic at the Morgenstern Center in Philadelphia, Lancaster or on the Maine Line in Wayne, you can take back control of your appearance and delay the deepening of dynamic wrinkles with age.

The benefits of BOTOX Cosmetic Include:

  • No downtime
  • Virtually immediate results
  • Fast - treatments in less than an hour
  • Minimal discomfort during the injection
  • Limited risks and low rate of complication

Following your BOTOX Cosmetic treatment, there is usually little to no recovery time. Treatments generally take about 15 minutes to administer. Many of our Philadelphia, Wayne, and Lancaster BOTOX Cosmetic patients at the Morgenstern Center will schedule their treatments during their lunch break.

Relax Away Your Worry Lines With BOTOX Cosmetic in Philadelphia at the Morgenstern Center

Dr. Ken Morgenstern and his staff are dedicated to making sure your Philadelphia BOTOX Cosmetic experience is a pleasant and rejuvenating one from start to finish.

Our practice offers online consultations with our patient care coordinator and we follow extensive cleaning protocols between patients to ensure your visit is safe and worry-free. You can schedule an online appointment for any of our locations, so whether you are in Philadelphia, Wayne, or Lancaster BOTOX Cosmetic is right around the corner.

There are many places to get BOTOX Cosmetic in Philadelphia, but The Morgenstern Center for Orbital and Facial Plastic Surgery is run by Dr. Ken Morgenstern, one of the nation’s leading plastic surgeons for eye and face procedures. Dr Kenneth Morgenstern’s experience and his team's professionalism ensures a safe and satisfying treatment. Their goal is always that you receive the best Botox Philadelphia has to offer. During your consultation, our specialists will review your information and answer any of your questions, so you will be able to make the most informed decisions possible about your treatment.

There are plenty of things in life that cause stress. Wrinkles shouldn’t be one of them. Schedule your consultation for BOTOX Cosmetic at Philadelphia’s Morgenstern Center for Orbital and Facial Plastic Surgery today.

What are the side effects of BOTOX Cosmetic?

In some cases, there may be a little swelling at the injection site, but this tends to dissipate within a day or two of treatment.

Other side effects of BOTOX Cosmetic include dry mouth, tiredness, headache, neck pain, and eye problems, but these are rare and their occurrence can be minimized with proper treatments like the ones administered by our highly-trained BOTOX Cosmetic specialists at the Morgenstern Center.

How long does BOTOX Cosmetic last?

Typically, BOTOX Cosmetic treatments can last up to 4 months before the muscles begin to tighten up again and wrinkles start to re-emerge. Because BOTOX Cosmetic is a temporary treatment, you will require re-treatments every 4 to 6 months if you wish to maintain the results.

When will I see results from my BOTOX Cosmetic treatment?

Most patients begin to notice the reduction of wrinkles within 2 days and up to 2 weeks. Though some patients notice them almost immediately. These results tend to taper off towards the end of the treatment cycle (4 to 6 months). If you notice your results beginning to fade, schedule a follow-up BOTOX Cosmetic treatment in Philadelphia at the Morgenstern Center.

Am I a Candidate for BOTOX Cosmetic?

If you are noticing fine lines or deepening dynamic wrinkles around the eyes, lips, or forehead, BOTOX Cosmetic may be right for you.

In general, most adults in good health are eligible candidates for BOTOX Cosmetic. However, there are some situations where BOTOX Cosmetic may not be right for you. These may include if you are allergic to BOTOX Cosmetic or similar treatments, or if you have certain nervous system conditions.

During your consultation, Dr. Morgenstern will review your health information and help you determine if you are still a good candidate for BOTOX in Philadelphia.