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Andrea, Wayne, PA

My vision is clearing up from this morning's surgery, and all I can say is WOW! You guys did it again. My upper lid is completely off of my eye and it looks great. More importantly, my left eye vision is now unobstructed and clearer and better than I thought it would be. You guys are terrific!

Securities Analyst, Conshocken, PA

How are ya girlfriend? I'm coming up on my 9-month 'anniversary' and I just wanted to let you and Dr. Ken know I'm doing great and I am SOOO happy with my BEAUUUtiful eyes!! I swear they just kept getting better and better as the months went on!
This week I decided to look back at my "before" pics and I was truly shocked!! I then took an "after" pic and was even more stunned! Yay!

Kinternersville, PA

Dr. Morgenstern operated on my eyelids several years ago. I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the results these many years later.
They still look just as great as they did a month or so after the operation. Consider yourself a master of youthful looking eyelids and please accept my gratefullness!!

Conshocken, PA

I just wanted to let you guys know that after I got home last night and was reflecting on my visit, I thought about how incredibly humble Dr. Morgenstern truly is. During my story about how my friend commented, "You look TOTALLY DIFFERENT!" and my reply only being, "Oh, it's my hair and my teeth!" - I thought about how Dr. M just smiled and seemed so proud of that. I thought afterwards that I sorta felt BAD that I wasn't giving HIM all the credit he deserved!! More importantly, I thought about how Dr. Morgenstern - like I would probably imagine other plastic surgeons might say - didn't say to me, 'Well, you should tell them what you did and give them my name', or something to that effect. What a humble and nice person, to take that kind of pride in his work - to give women the joy and confidence we really seek within ourselves, rather than self-promote. Thank you both for making this experience - all around - a good one. This decision for me was a long-time coming and I am thrilled!

Medical Doctor, Wayne, PA

I came to Dr. Morgenstern for an Upper Blepharoplasty and Brow Lift. I choose Dr. Morgenstern because of his background and the location of his office was perfect for me. Everything and everybody was great! I would return to Dr. Morgenstern for additional surgery if necessary.

Exton, PA

I am a 65 year old female and I had a facelift done by Dr. Morgenstern. I decided on the Morgenstern Center because of the reputation of the doctor. I was happy with the way I was prepared for my surgery and with my follow-up care. I am pleased with my final results.

Wayne, PA

I did a lot of research before choosing a surgeon. I like and trust Dr. Morgenstern as he is artistic, he aims for a natural look and gives attention to detail. Dr. Morgenstern is a perfectionist.

Lafayette Hill, PA

I had a lower lid blepharoplasty by Dr. Morgenstern. I felt like I was pampered by Dr. Morgenstern and his staff. My final results make me feel beautiful!

Downingtown, PA

I had surgery with Dr. Morgenstern for a closure after a Mohs procedure. I was treated well by Dr. Morgenstern and his staff. I would return to this office if I ever need another surgery.

Chester Springs, PA

I was referred to Dr. Morgenstern by my eye doctor. I was very happy with the way I was treated by the friendly staff at the Morgenstern Center. I would recommend this practice to my friends.

Riverton, NJ

I chose Dr. Morgenstern for my surgery based on a referral and his reputation. Dr. M took his time to deeply describe my issues and treatment. During my consultation he spent time explaining the details of my surgery.

Coatesville, PA

I am a 76 year old male. I was recommended to the Morgenstern Center by my family eye doctor. I had a very pleasant experience with Dr. Morgenstern and his staff. The office was nice and comfortable, I felt that I was prepared for my surgery and well taken care of. I would return to this office if I need surgery again.

Garnet Valley, PA

I was recommended to Dr. Morgenstern by Dr. Witherell for an entropion repair. Everything was explained to me very well. I was happy with the information and surgical description provided by Dr. Morgenstern. I would recommend the Morgenstern Center to my family and friends.

Exton, PA

I recently had an upper blepharoplasty and brow lift by Dr. Morgenstern. Everything was handled in a friendly and efficient manor. Everyone was very helpful and all of my questions were answered. I would rate my final results a 10.

Downingtown, PA

I chose Dr. Morgenstern because of his reputation and background. I was happy with the ease of seeing Dr. Morgenstern. He was very professional and answered all of my questions. I felt the amount of time I had to wait to get a consultation with Dr. Morgenstern was reasonable.

Exton, PA

I came to Dr. Morgenstern because I had a nasolacrimal duct obstruction. Dr. Morgenstern was recommended by Chester County Eye Care Associates and by a friend of mine. I appreciate that Dr. Morgenstern listened to me and explained everything completely in a very professional and friendly way! The office is comfortable and very serene. I am excited to see what will happen once the stents are removed.

Malvern, PA

I liked everything about how I was treated during my recent surgery. He did an entropion repair to prevent my eye lashes from touching my cornea. I am happy with my final results and I would come back to the Morgenstern Center if I ever need additional surgery.

West Chester, PA

My eye doctor referred me to Morgenstern Center for an entropion repair. The doctor was understanding, kind, and patient. The office staff was attentive to my needs. Stacey was incredibly helpful with using email as my primary preference of communication.

Devon, PA

My mother is a patient of Dr. Morgenstern's and she recommended I see him for the removal of a mass in my forehead.
Dr. Morgenstern was very nice and personable. I am very happy with my final results.
Thank You!

Parkesburg, PA

I had surgery to remove Xanthelasma. What I liked the most about my experience was that I was made very comfortable, I had confidence in Dr. Morgenstern.
I was highly satisfied with the way I was prepared for my surgery.

Chester Springs, PA

I was recommended by my family eye doctor to see Dr. Morgenstern for a blocked tear duct. Dr. Morgenstern listened; was pleasant, compassionate and empathetic.
I was absolutely happy with the way he treated me during my consultation.

Marmora, NJ

I was recommended to the Morgenstern Center by a friend who had a previous surgery by Dr. Morgenstern. I was satisfied with my treatment from the initial consult through my post-op appointments.

Brookhaven, PA

My dermatologist referred me to Morgenstern Center because I had a Squamous Cell Carcinoma on my Left Upper Eyelid. Once this was excised I needed a surgeon to do a Mohs Closure.
I was satisfied with my consultation with the doctor and was really happy the Morgenstern Center could fit me in and get my surgery done right away. I would definitely recommend this practice to my friends.

Broomall, PA

I am a 70 year old retired nurse. My ophthalmologist was going to do my upper eyelids and a nurse/friend told me about Dr. Morgenstern. As a nurse, myself, it seemed best to me to see a recommended plastic surgeon. I liked that the first time I called the office (on a Friday afternoon) a real person answered the phone. I also appreciated that this surgery was done as an office procedure with local anesthesia.
I would return to The Morgenstern Center if I decide to have additional surgery.

Physician Spouse, Linwood, NJ

I had an Upper Blepharoplasy with Dr. M in 2009 and I choose to return for a Lower Blepharoplasty in 2015.
I am happy with the way Dr. M and his staff have treated me. I have recommended my friends to The Morgenstern Center.

West Chester, PA

My eye doctor recommended that I see Dr. Morgenstern, I had an Upper Blepharoplasty and Endoscopic Brow Lift.
I felt that Dr. Morgenstern's staff was attentive to my needs, Caroline was very kind and helpful. I was happy with the care I received on the morning of my surgery.

Pottstown, PA

I was referred by Dr. Katzman to Dr. Morgenstern for an Upper Blepharoplasty and Endoscopic Brow Lift. Dr. Morgenstern gave me a very thorough explanation of the procedures.
He paid attention to detail and had a friendly and knowledgeable staff. Caroline was extremely helpful, friendly, prompt and accessible. My final results are a 10, I would recommend the Morgenstern Center to my friends.

Medical Doctor, Malvern, PA

Everyone on staff was very kind and responsive to concerns. I received 5 Star Care! Especially from Dr. M and Caroline. I found Dr. M from an online search and am very happy, I got exactly what i felt I needed.
I was satisfied with the way I was prepared and would return to the office if I decided to have additional surgery.

Newtown Square, PA, Main Line Lift

Dr. Morgenstern patiently described options and scopes of various treatments. Also his staff. I was not rushed! My appointments with him were on time and relaxed.
The office is attractive and comfortable and I am highly satisfied with the results of my surgery.

Downington, PA

I wanted to thank you for giving extra attention to my Dad, he's 83 and has taken good care of himself. It was so hard to get him to come, he says if its my time, its my time. We are both relieved his eye will be okay.
Thank you for doing the biopsy right then.
Sincerely, His Daughter

Life Coach, Kennett Square, PA

I selected Dr. Morgenstern due to the reputation of his work. I wanted to have an Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty without going to a Surgical Center. I was able to have my procedures done in their office. Everyone is very nice and laid back and I was extremely satisfied with the way I was treated.
The office is attractive and comfortable and I was completely prepared for my surgery. I am very happy with my results and would strongly recommend Dr. Morgenstern and the Morgenstern Center.

Physician spouse, Havertown, PA

At the Morgenstern Center I was given a lot of time by the staff in order to address all my questions. I would recommend them to my friends.

Audubon, NJ

Everyone who sees me asks for Dr. Morgenstern's name. Several friends intend to consult him. I am a walking "ad" that says, "well done!"

Lebanon, NJ

Dr. M is an artist! Or maybe a magician for the middle aged face! Kate is the best - made me feel at ease, comfortable - I consider her my friend!

Warrington, PA

All that talk about chocolate well I just really needed some. It soothed my nerves and gave me courage to look at my eye. What a great job you did - of course! Thanks again to you all.

Conshohocken, PA

Just wanted to let you know how much your beautiful basket of goodies meant to me and my staff during the holiday season. You are very skilled and your ethics and integrity truly shine. It is always a pleasure to refer our patients to you and without question they consistently feel well cared for and extremely pleased with their results.

Berwyn, PA

I just wanted to say thank you so much for your gentle care not once, but twice. As any operation is scary, it is difficult to really entrust your faith to someone's hands on your eyes. I appreciate your honesty with the first operation. I am elated the second operation worked as you said it would! However, you really give a patient your time and concern. Not many people, especially doctors, trust you as a person as you did. Thank you so much again from the bottom of my heart that you bared with me through all my questions and the hard time I gave you before and after the operations. All my best.

Malvern, PA

Thank you for the time you took today for me in your office. Upon leaving your office my face started to feel like it was loosening up immediately. See you in 2 weeks, thank again very much!

Glen Mills, PA

Thank you for the before and after picture. I look better and I feel better! You were all so good to me - I will remember this is a unique experience. Your office has a pleasant atmosphere.
I am going on a tour of Italy and Switzerland the first part of April. I am excited. I love all the history of Italy and the beauty of Switzerland. Of course, Italy is beautiful, also. I will be well entertained... and now with my new eyes, I can see more!

Bryn Mawr, PA

I have been a patient of Dr. Morgenstern for over 8 years and have complete confidence in him as a skilled surgeon. He has performed a facelift and numerous injectables over the years with 100% success.
He is a true perfectionist who pays attention to every detail. And it is with every detail he gets it right. His unique specialty as an ocuplastic surgeon combined with a wonderful sense of aesthetics makes him the best choice for me. He is honest, professional, compassionate and the management of his office reflects the same degree of care.
He gave me back a more youthful appearance while still looking natural. Just a better me than before the surgery. He listened and answered all my questions. By empowering yourself with information, understanding your needs and trusting your instincts you can experience real teamwork with Dr. Morgenstern.
There are some physicians you want to keep in your life forever and Dr. Morgenstern is exactly that for me.

Nurse Anesthetist, Norristown, PA

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for a most positive experience at your center. From the preoperative evaluation to the day of surgery, I was treated with the utmost respect and professionalism. The surgical outcome exceeded my expectations. Since having the upper eyelid blepharoplasty and direct brow lift I have a much greater field of vision. I also no longer experience frequent headaches. Early evening tiredness also seems to be a thing of the past. I am so glad I didn't wait any longer than I already had. Again thanks to you and your staff.

College Football Coach, Marlton, NJ

Last spring Dr. Harvey Wolbransky showed me how an old scar above my right eye was blocking my vision. He suggested that I have surgery to lift the skin to regain my peripheral vision. As a football coach my vision is an important tool in viewing our players to properly evaluate their technique and play.
Initially I was resistive to the very thought of having "plastic surgery." However, after a series of exams and tests it became evident that a substantial part of my vision was being obstructed by the scar tissue. At this time I realized I had to have surgery. Dr. Wolbransky and I selected you and your team to perform the procedure. During my first appointment each member of your team helped to make me comfortable and confident with the decision to have surgery. Your insights and descriptions allowed me to understand the procedure and actually helped me look forward to having the surgery.
On the day of the surgery, I found everyone to be professional and comforting. When you checked with me moments prior to going into the operating area, your bedside manner gave me confidence that it was to be a great end result. When I came out of the anesthesia everyone was very personable and helpful. Once I arrived home I found your instructions dealing with a speedy recovery were spot on. There was little swelling and the bruising was held to a minimum. On my post-surgery follow up, you could barely see I'd been operated on. There was one very obvious change "I COULD SEE!" Just look at my before and after pictures and the difference is very evident.
I want to thank you and your entire team for a job well done!

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