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Lip Lift

A Philadelphia lip lift is aimed at people who are looking to improve the appearance of their lips. A nice, friendly smile makes a big difference when you meet people socially and with family too.

Full, luscious lips have been a fascination throughout our history going back to Greek goddesses and medieval paintings. To this day, there is an obsession with plump, kissable lips. In fact, a lip lift is one of the hottest cosmetic trends with about 30,000 people having lift lip surgery in 2016 according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. That’s a 48 percent increase since 2000.

A lip lift is a facial surgical procedure that corrects and reshapes the cosmetic look of the lips and minimize asymmetry.

A lip lift can boost the prominence of the vermilion border (the edges of the lips) and enhance the appearance of the lips.

This procedure shortens the space between the top of the lips and the bottom of the nose by chiseling a strip of skin below the nostrils raising the vermilion border, enhancing the lips and causing the curves to be more prominent.

There are surgical and non-surgical options when it comes to deciding on a Philadelphia lip lift. Some specific geometric patterns are made based on four surgical categories: direct lip lift (DLL), indirect lip lift (ILL), corner of the mouth lift (CML) and the V-Y lip advancement (VYLA).

  • The direct lip lift increases the prominence of the vermilion coloring of the lips removing skin and other tissues as needed. The surgeon makes an incision to take away tissue and change the shape of the lips by moving up the vermilion from the peaks of the cupid’s bow out from the corners of the mouth. Likewise, another incision is made below the lower lip.
  • The indirect lip lift removes an ellipse or a curved-edge ellipse of tissue from under the nose. Also known as a bull-horn lip lift, this procedure raises the skin to lift the lip to boost the drooping at the corners of the mouth. The subnasal lip lift can also include raising the corners of the mouth. There are a couple of other variations called the thread lip lift and the double duck lip lift.
  • The corner of the mouth lift involves a lenticular excision of the white skin around the upper oral commissure to lift that part of the lips.
  • The V-Y lip augmentation allows a surgeon to loosen the mucosa and vermilion.

A Philadelphia lip lift is usually done in an outpatient setting with a local anesthesia to numb the area for the patient’s comfort. Being a minimally invasive outpatient procedure, our lip lift in Philadelphia is considered one of the safest facial rejuvenation procedures.

An incision is made to remove a strip of skin under the nose and shorten the space between the nostrils and the top of the lip.

The vertical length is shortened by taking out excess skin with an incision along the lip roll or under the nose. The incision is then closed with sutures placed underneath the skin. Most sutures are removed a week or so after the procedure.

The result is fuller lips and a more attractive smile by exposing your upper teeth. By making the cupid’s bow of the lip curvier, it becomes more prominent giving the lips a fuller and voluminous appearance.

Is a lip lift safe?

Yes, lip lifts are considered to be safe and minimally invasive procedures, especially when carried out by a qualified and experienced professional like Dr. Morgenstern. As with any surgery, there are possible side effects, including bad reaction to anesthesia, bleeding, bruising, hematoma, infection, lip distortions, numbness, paresthesia, scarring, stiffness in the lips and swelling.

How long does it take to recover from a lip lift?

Recovery from a lip lift varies depending on each individual. On average, it takes between five to seven days before becoming more presentable publicly. There is some swelling the first few days and you can expect minor pain and a feeling of tightness in the forehead.

Is a lip lift permanent?

Yes, a lip lift will provide you with a permanent solution to fuller and plumper lips. Keep in mind your lips will continue to age over time but the change made from the surgery is permanent.

How long does swelling last after lip lift?

You can expect some moderate bruising and swelling, especially in the first 72 hours. It can take up to three weeks for the swelling to fade. Use cold compresses over the upper lip to help reduce the swelling.

How much does it cost to get a lip lift?

The average cost of a lip lift in Philadelphia is around $3,000 but it depends on how much work will actually be done and it does not include other related expenses such as anesthesia and operating room facilities. Expect to pay more if you have more than one lip enhancement procedure. Many people get a couple of procedures done such as upper lip lift and the corner mouth lift to increase fullness and deal with a permanent frown expression.

During your initial consultation, you have an opportunity to ask all of your questions about our top Philadelphia lip lift surgery. You will be evaluated by your surgeon on your current health, including pre-existing health conditions or risk factors, and other factors such as the elasticity of your skin in order to determine the best treatment for you.

Dr. Ken Morgenstern is board-certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology, have completed a wealth of prestigious training and continue to be active in their field. They are dedicated to giving you the best advanced care and result in our state-of-the-art setting at Morgenstern Center.

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