What is the right Age for BOTOX® Injections?

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Is it ever too early or too late for BOTOX®, you may wonder. The only concern would be for the lower end of the age spectrum. You must of course be a consenting adult, but some men and women have started getting "preventive" BOTOX treatments to stop wrinkles long before they form. Really the best way to know for sure whether now is the right time is to talk to an experienced BOTOX provider. Our oculo-plastic surgeons and our skin rejuvenation team can help you decide if you can benefit from BOTOX now or if it's better to delay treatment.

BOTOX treats those wrinkles that are formed by the repeated folding of the skin over the years. So, for instance, the repeated muscle contractions when you furrow your brow eventually form the two vertical lines between your eyebrows. So, the theory with early BOTOX is that it stops the skin folding from happening in the first place, so the deep furrows will never form.

The drawback to beginning BOTOX in your 20s is that it will become costly to maintain it over the years. You will have to pay for it every 4 months to maintain the effect, whereas other people don't start investing in BOTOX injections until later in life.

Whether you're in your 20s, 30s, 40s, or any age above, our experienced team wants to help you determine the best way to refresh the appearance of your skin. We can provide individualized recommendations based on your goals.

If you are searching for an experienced greater Philadelphia BOTOX® provider, please contact Morgenstern Center for Orbital and Facial Plastic Surgery to schedule a consultation.