What can I do about a Drooping, Sagging Brow?

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Brow lift surgery restores a more youthful forehead after it has begun to droop and descend. When your brow begins to sag, it can have a dramatic effect on the overall appearance of your face. It can also affect your confidence and the way you feel about yourself. As a result of brow sagging, you may have noticed one or more of the following:

  • Horizontal wrinkles across your forehead
  • Hooding of the upper eyelids
  • An angry or tired expression even when you aren't experiencing those feelings

There are several brow lift techniques used by our experienced oculo-facial surgeons. The right technique for you will depend on how severely the brow is sagging and what you want your final results to look like. Dr. Morgenstern and Dr. Giacometti are both experienced in endoscopic and direct brow lifts, as well as mid-forehead lifts and pre-hairline lifts. They are personally committed to achieving the cosmetic result that allows you to feel the most confident and rejuvenated.

To find out if you are a good candidate for brow lift surgery to restore a more youthful facial appearance, please call Morgenstern Center for Orbital and Facial Plastic Surgery at (610) 687.8771.