Signs you may benefit from a Facelift

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Face Lift Surgery near Wayne, PAOver time, sun, stress and aging inevitably leave telltale signs on your face. You may notice a loss of skin elasticity, grooves between your nose and mouth, or general sagging of the lower two-thirds of your face. Perhaps it is a certain lack of firmness in your jawline or the development of loose skin around your neck that dissatisfies you. A single look in your mirror demonstrates that these issues can visibly age you. But, they are also signs that you might see real benefits from a rhytidectomy, a procedure more commonly known as a face lift.

Can a facelift soften the toll time has taken on your appearance? Consult our experienced oculoplastic surgeon to find out. People living in the area of Wayne, PA who have facelift surgery questions can contact Dr. Kenneth E. Morgenstern at the Morgenstern Center for Orbital and Facial Plastic Surgery by calling (610) 687.8771.

When performing a face lift, a skilled oculoplastic surgeon tightens the muscles and tissues beneath the skin, artfully reshaping them to create a natural, more youthful face. Any excess skin and fat are removed, leaving behind a healthy, younger-looking profile. For many patients, the procedure can erase as much as decade from their appearance. While a facelift does not stop aging, it resets the clock. Results last for years.

Discover if you are a good candidate for a face lift in the greater Philadelphia area. For a personal consultation, call the professionals at the Morgenstern Center at (610) 687.8771 or contact us.