Show Your Alertness with Eyelid Surgery

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Eyelid Surgery Can Make You Appear More Alert | Philadelphia | King of Prussia"Are you tired?" "Do you need to lie down for a second?" If your eyelids have begun to lose their elasticity, you may be used to hearing people ask these questions because your eyelids make you appear uninterested or tired. And unfortunately, that perception can change the way people treat you.

If you'd like to be treated like the alert, energetic person you feel inside rather than the tired, lethargic person other people are seeing, you may want to consider eyelid surgery. When perfomred by an experienced oculo-facial surgeon, this process can stop excess skin around the eyes from making your eyes look small and your eyelids heavy.

Candidates for eyelid surgery:

  • Have cosmetic problems with the skin around their eyes that can be solved with the surgery.
  • Have a positive outlook and specific goals for their surgery.
  • Do not smoke, or are willing to stop smoking.
  • Do not have any serious eye conditions.
  • Do not have any serious illnesses or life-threatening conditions.

Before you get the surgery, you will sit down for an initial consultation with one of our professional oculo-facial surgeons. They will explain the procedure and give you some idea of what to expect from your results. If the cost of eyelid surgery is difficult for you to afford, we can help you see if your insurance plan covers it, or if you qualify for a payment plan.

To schedule your initial consultation at The Morgenstern Center, contact us at (610) 687.8771. We serve patients in Wayne, King of Prussia, and Philadelphia.