Should I Consider a Face Lift?

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Should I Consider Getting a Face Lift? | Wayne | The Morgenstern CenterThere are all sorts of reasons why you could be considering facial surgery in Wayne, Pennsylvania. Perhaps you are starting to feel like the face you see in the mirror every morning bears little resemblance to your own self-image. Perhaps you are hearing comments, at home or at work, about how tired you look. Whatever your issue, you need to know whether or not a face lift could help make things better.

It's easy enough for most people to qualify for facial surgery. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, there are three conditions patients must meet:

  • They must be in good general health, and be capable of healing normally.
  • They must not smoke, or be willing to quit for a period of time leading up to the surgery.
  • They must have realistic expectations for the procedure and a general positive outlook.

If you feel like you meet these criteria, the only question left is whether a facelift will give you the results you desire. While less invasive methods of removing wrinkles, like dermal fillers, have become more popular in recent years, they tend to last for a year or less. Facial surgery is a long-term means of removing wrinkles and restoring youthfulness to your expression.

If you would like some professional advice before going through with your facial surgery, schedule a consultation with the oculo-facial surgeons at The Morgenstern Center in Wayne. We can be reached by phone at (610) 687.8771, or you can contact us through this website.