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How Reconstructive Plastic Surgery Can Make Your Life Easier | PhiladelphiaNot all plastic surgery options are purely aesthetic in nature. There are many procedures that have practical benefits and results. Whether you have problems resulting from trauma, disease, or other issues, the surgeons at the Morgenstern Center can help you decide on the right reconstructive surgery option to address your particular needs. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Eyelid reconstruction: it's easy to tear the delicate and thin skin of the eyelid through trauma; if you've had a tumor or other growth removed, you may need an eyelid to have the tissue restored.
  • Earlobe repair: wearing heavy earrings for a long time can elongate your earlobe or even tear through; trauma to the earlobe can also necessitate repairs.
  • Scar revision: if it's been at least a year since you've gained a scar, especially on your face or neck, you can look into having this procedure to minimize its appearance, so it is less visible.
  • Tear drain surgery: particularly painful, having a blocked tear duct can result in irritation and infection

These and other procedures are available under the skilled hands of the surgeons at the Morgenstern Center. They will help you explore all your options and decide on which, if any, procedure is right for you. As with all surgeries, it's important to trust your body to the right surgeons and medical team.

If you're ready to see what our surgeons can do for you to restore your normal facial functions, contact us by filling out the form at the top of this page, or by calling (610) 687.8771. The Morgenstern Center is proud to serve Philadelphia, King of Prussia, and the surrounding areas.