Look and Feel Younger with a Neck Lift

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Screenwriter Nora Ephron, the creative mind behind movies like When Harry Met Sally, had a unique gift for exploring universal human experiences, so it's no surprise that she wrote a book called I Feel Bad About My Neck. Of all the issues we hear about from patients who visit our Philadelphia-area practice, the neck is one of the most frequent problem areas. Fortunately, the neck lift surgery we offer can address most of the issues that prevent you from looking as young as you feel.Philadelphia Neck Lift Surgery | Pennsylvania Cosmetic Surgeon

A neck lift can be used to:

  • Remove excess skin and fat around the neck
  • Get rid of the "turkey wattle" that forms as you age
  • Smooth out the vertical bands of skin that can form on the neck
  • Jowls caused by skin relaxation in the lower face

Lots of people go to a plastic surgeon to fix the small-but-significant details of their faces: the nose, the eyebrow, the corners of the mouth. But nothing on the face can age you quite as noticeably as the large, smooth areas covered with nothing but skin, like the forehead and the neck.

The good news, however, is that the large, smooth areas of the face are often the ones that give you the most options for cosmetic solutions. At your initial consultation with our doctors, you can decide what you would like changed about your neck, and whether surgery or an alternative solution like dermal fillers are the best option for your goals.

If you live in Philadelphia, Wayne, King of Prussia, or the surrounding areas, and you think a neck lift would improve your appearance and self-confidence, then contact the Morgenstern Center today. Call (610) 687.8771 to schedule a consultation with our experienced and professional cosmetic surgeons.