Do I Need Upper or Lower Eyelid Surgery?

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Deciding on Upper Eyelid Surgery or Lower Eyelid SurgeryIf your eyes are not looking as youthful as they once did or the skin around your eyes is interfering with your vision, you may be a good candidate to consider blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery. Eyelid surgery is intended to rejuvenate the areas around your eyes to help make you look younger in a natural way and to remove hindering skin or eyelids to your vision.

Upper eyelid surgery helps with:

  • Upper eyelids that droop, sag, or bag
  • Sagging eyelids that obscure your sight

Excess fat or skin in the upper eyelids as well as sagging skin due to aging can cause the lids to sag so much as to push on your eyelashes and obscure your vision. You may need a brow lift instead if the sagging in your upper eyelids is caused by sagginess in your brow.

Lower eyelid surgery helps with:

  • Lower eyelids that droop
  • Bags under your eyes
  • The fine lines and dark circles that appear under your eyes
  • Excessive fat under your eyes

You can look younger and refreshed with a lower eyelid surgery that often can be combined with a CO2 laser treatment to help tighten the skin of your lower lids.

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