Dermal Fillers: Dangerous Without a Professional?

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The FDA recently published a news release announcing some new findings about the safety of dermal fillers. It turns out that more can go wrong with fillers than you might think.

The news release explained that many dermal fillers can be unintentionally injected into blood vessels within the face, where they can block blood flow. In some cases, this may cause patches of your skin and face bones to die. In more serious cases, the blockage can travel through your circulatory system, causing blindness or even a stroke.

The FDA report mentions the importance of finding a doctor with plenty of training and experience, and we at the Morgenstern Center feel it necessary to highlight this statement. We've encountered people from many medical professions who have little to no training or experience with cosmetic surgery, and yet they still believe that they can apply BOTOX® to a patient with no ill effects.

Generally, these amateur practitioners don't worry about poor results from their fillers because the fillers' effects are temporary. But if those fillers get into your bloodstream, the damage can be far more permanent.

At The Morgenstern Center in Wayne, Pennsylvania, we believe that expertise and experience should count for something when you are deciding who you want to entrust with transforming the appearance of your face. Our oculo-facial plastic surgeons have spent years learning about the structure of the face and eyes, and still more years performing various plastic surgery procedures. We know what we are doing, and we care about your comfort enough to explain everything to you beforehand.

If you want to get your dermal fillers from experienced and knowledgeable professionals, then look no further than The Morgenstern Center! Contact us through this website or by calling (610) 687.8771. We serve Wayne, King of Prussia, Philadelphia, and the surrounding areas.