Common Eyelid and Eye Problems

Serving Philadelphia, the Main Line, King of Prussia, Wayne, PA, and the neighboring tri state areas

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At Morgenstern Center for Orbital and Facial Plastic Surgery, we want you to enjoy optimum eye health. As part of our reconstructive and corrective facial procedures, Dr. Morgenstern and Dr. Giacometti can correct a wide range of skin and eye related problems, such as:

  • Problems with tear production
  • Eyelid lesions
  • Eyelid lumps and cysts
  • Eyelids that roll inward or outward

It can be frustrating and scary to notice these problems, and you might worry your vision is in jeopardy. By scheduling a consultation at our greater Philadelphia orbital surgery practice, our experienced oculo-facial surgeons can assess the problem and present all of your options for correcting it.

Not only can these problems affect the function and health of your face, they can also be unsightly and embarrassing. We are personally committed to restoring your facial function and eye health, as well as creating an attractive appearance that allows you to live with confidence and improved self-esteem.

If you are searching for an experienced facial and orbital surgeon near Philadelphia, please contact Morgenstern Center for Orbital and Facial Plastic Surgery to schedule a consultation at our office.