Choosing Among Your Face Lift Options

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Choosing Among Your Face Lift Options | Wayne, PA | PhiladelphiaAt the Morgenstern Center, our Philadelphia facial surgeons know how difficult good-looking facial surgery can be to achieve. Not only are facial surgeries easier to "botch" than many other procedures, they come under more scrutiny as well: people look at your face every day, and trying to conceal your face will often make you more conspicuous. You need a facial procedure that will work for your face.

Because every face is different, and requires a different approach to get optimal results, we offer several different facial surgery procedures, each one treating a different part of the face. At your initial consultation with our facial surgery experts, you should decide which procedure (or combination of procedures) would work best for you.

Facial surgery procedures offered by The Morgenstern Center include:

  • Face Lift: Treats sagging and wrinkled skin below the eyes.
  • Brow Lift: Treats wrinkled, sagging skin on the forehead.
  • Cheek Lift: Removes jowls and tightens skin in the cheeks.
  • Neck Lift: Removes excess skin from the neck, tightens the jawline.
  • The Main Line Face Lift: Tightens skin around and above the eyes.

To learn more about what each of these procedures can do for your face and which one is the best fit for you, contact the Morgenstern Center to set up an appointment with our facial surgery experts at (610) 687.8771. The Morgenstern Center serves patients in Philadelphia, Wayne, King of Prussia, and the surrounding areas.