Avoiding a “Frozen Forehead” with Brow Lift Surgery

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Avoid "Frozen Forehead" Syndrome with a Brow Lift | King of Prussia, PAWe've all seen the celebrities who seem to have had their foreheads frozen through too much or improperly-injected BOTOX®. They look youthful, but not especially natural. Such a procedure is used to smooth out or eliminate winkles in the forehead due to aging or sun exposure, or to fix sagging or drooping brows, but there are other ways to get the look you want. You may want to consider a brow lift. Brow lift techniques differ in the size and locations of the incisions, but all seek to smooth the skin of the upper third of one's face by lifting the brows and forehead. The two major types of a brow lift are:

  • The classic lift, which uses one continuous cut at the level of your ears, following your hair line.
  • The endoscopic lift, which utilizes a small camera on a thin tube to get a view inside, minimizing the number and length of incisions.

The latter of these techniques is less invasive and usually results in less discomfort and quicker recovery time. Other procedures you may consider at the same time as a brow lift are eyelid tucks, a facelift, or skin resurfacing.

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