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Lash Lift

Revamping or breathing new life into the hair is a popular way to shake up your appearance and help you look and feel younger and more confident.

Morgenstern Center | Lash Enhancements in Philadelphia

Did you know you can do the same with your lashes? A lash lift is a chemical procedure, almost like a perm for the hair, that can help to curl and lift your eyelashes to deliver a more flattering look.

A lash lift can boost the shape and curl of your natural lashes. This procedure is an excellent way to enhance lashes that may be losing their luster or beginning to droop. In PA communities such as the Main Line, King of Prussia, Wayne, Lancaster, and even New Jersey and the neighboring tri-state areas, we strive to bring you the best Lash Enhancement Philadelphia has to offer.

Lash enhancements are cosmetic beauty treatments that focus on one of the most delicate facial features: the eyelashes. Responsible for framing the eyes and helping to protect against debris and dirt from getting into them, lashes can sometimes be lacking in depth or volume.

At Morgenstern’s Center for Orbital & Facial Plastic Surgery, we offer high-end medical spa treatments through Suite 201. Dr. Morgenstern oversees all cosmetic treatments and offers his expertise to Philadelphia Lash Enhancement patients looking to boost or enhance their appearance. A lash lift is a simple treatment that uses powerful products to perk up the lashes.

How Does a Lash Lift Work?

A lash lift procedure is carefully customized to suit every patient’s unique needs. It is administered in-house by a licensed and expertly trained professional. When it comes to delicate procedures, especially those that focus on the eye area, it is important that you visit someone who is skilled in what they are doing, as improper techniques could carry big risks, including temporary or permanent vision loss.

Your lash lift experience will involve carefully brushing the lashes back towards the lid and away from the sensitive area. You will lie back and have your eyes closed during this. An eye-safe perm solution is applied and curling instruments may be used. Some patients can get a lash tint alongside this procedure to darken their natural lashes.

A lash lift can be a subtle but dramatic way to improve the appearance of your eyes and lashes. It helps draw attention to the eye area and can even help you look younger. Lash lifts allow for long-term enhancements that do not require daily maintenance, and they will stand up against water, make-up, and normal wear.

With a lash lift, patients can achieve a semi-permanent lift, similar to results achieved with an eyelash curler. Many of our patients find that this can help significantly cut their daily routine in half, as there is no need for mascara or eye make up. Plus, since it’s an enhancement of your natural lashes, there is no need for falsies or extensions.

Does a Lash Lift Require Surgery?

Nope! Our lash enhancements, like an eyelash lift, are non-surgical, non-invasive treatments that are virtually painless and deliver near-immediate results.

Is a Lash Lift Permanent?

A lash lift is intended to offer a longer-lasting enhancement option as an alternative to mascara and fake eyelashes. It is not permanent, but the solution will remain on the lashes until they naturally grow out. This generally takes around six to eight weeks. You can talk to Dr. Morgenstern about how often you can get these treatments to help maintain the results.

Who is Eligible for the Procedure?

Almost anyone can get an eyelash lift. For many treatments, patients must be over the age of 18. Those with certain eye conditions or are allergic to the solutions might not be able to get lash lifts. Additionally, patients with lashes that are too thin or light might be advised to avoid a lash lift.

Can I Combine a Lash Lift with Other Treatments?

Absolutely! A lash lift is often combined with an eyelash tint, as this can help to accentuate your lashes further. For many people, both women and men, long, flirty lashes that stand out and frame the eyes magnificently are a coveted feature that can be difficult to achieve.

Even with newer products on the market, like magnetic eyelashes, having to apply them daily can be exhausting and cost a fortune in fake, sometimes uncomfortable, lashes. Patients can talk to Dr. Morgenstern about the types of lash enhancements available and how they can achieve optimal results through our treatment.

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