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Over time, your face loses fat in certain areas, such as the cheeks, jaw and around the mouth. This volume loss causes deep wrinkles and an overall older-looking facial appearance. RADIESSE® is a dermal filler injected into areas of fat loss to restore youthful facial qualities. The only way to know if it will work for your goals is to visit our ophthalmic and oculoplastic surgeons for a consultation at Morgenstern Center for Orbital and Facial Plastic Surgery.


RADIESSE is used to restore lost facial fat and reshape facial contours. The filler is commonly used to treat:

  • Smile lines (nasolabial folds)
  • Lines extending downward from the corners of your mouth (Marionette lines)
  • Parentheses or lines around the corners of your mouth
  • Loss of jaw definition and volume
  • Hollow cheeks
  • Hand Augmentation

This injectable contains microspheres of calcium hydroxylapatite, which is a material similar to one that naturally occurs in your bones. The microspheres are suspended in a safe, smooth gel. After being injected, the microspheres provide immediate results by working like a scaffold or supportive structure for your skin. The result is fuller, thicker, more youthful-looking skin.

The gel is harmlessly absorbed by your body. The microspheres remain for about a year or longer, providing volume in areas of fat loss. Over time, collagen begins to surround the microspheres. Once the microspheres degrade and disappear, the volume in your skin will remain for some time because of the new collagen.

Reasons to choose RADIESSE


RADIESSE is one of the longest lasting soft-tissue fillers. It can last a year or more. Most of our patients see the results they want after just one treatment, although you may need a follow-up injection appointment to achieve your optimal result. You may have some minor bruising and swelling for a day or so, although these side effects differ among our patients. Most people feel comfortable returning to work and other activities right away.

The treatment is simple and fast. There are no incisions, stitches or surgery. The gel is injected with a very fine needle into the treatment area. Because of the consistency of RADIESSE, you may feel some mild discomfort. You and your surgeon will discuss beforehand whether a topical or local anesthetic is necessary.

RADIESSE is biocompatible and biodegradable – it is compatible with your natural tissue and can be broken down naturally by your body. Its presence is not toxic in your body and complications are uncommon. You must consult with your oculo-facial surgeon whether it will be safe and effective for you. Our practice prioritizes patient safety, and our surgeons ensure dermal fillers are injected safely. They perform our dermal filler treatments at our Suite 202 med spa. 

The only way to know if you are a good candidate for our greater Main Line, Philadephia RADIESSE treatment is to visit our oculo-facial surgeons for a consultation. Please contact Morgenstern Center for Orbital and Facial Plastic Surgery to schedule one at our comfortable, personable and state-of-the-art office.