Eyelid Reconstruction

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Philadelphia Eyelid Reconstruction SurgeonYour eyelids are important to the protection, health and function of your eyes. If you have eyelid damage following an injury, skin cancer, or previous surgery, then our experienced oculo-facial surgeons can determine whether you are a good candidate for our Philadelphia and Wayne, PA eyelid reconstruction procedure, one of the many reconstructive facial surgeries at our practice. To schedule a consultation with one of our oculoplastic surgeons, please call Morgenstern Center for Orbital and Facial Plastic Surgery at (610) 687.8771.

Eyelid Trauma and Injury

The eyelids are a very important part of your anatomy. This thin, delicate skin protects your eyes from sunlight, injury and the elements. The tear drains are important for lubricating your eyes by spreading tears across the cornea. The eyelid is a moving, functional body part, opening and closing when needed. 

Eyelid reconstruction may be beneficial following:

  • Injury or physical trauma
  • Defect after skin cancer surgery
  • Defect after removal of growth
  • Complication from a previous eyelid surgery

The eyelid skin is quite thin and there is very little fat. For this reason, it can be torn or injured easily if you have been involved in an accident or trauma. Such an injury may require reconstruction of the eyelid skin or tear drains depending on the extent of damage.

Eyelid reconstruction is often necessary after surgery to remove a tumor or growth from the eyelid area. If the cancer surgery leaves of significant divot – or a hole where tissue was removed – then reconstruction surgery can restore the tissue lost in this area. This surgery is important for both facial appearance and the proper function of the eyelid.

How the Eyelids can be Reconstructed

Reconstructive eyelid surgery depends on what exactly the nature of the defect is and how it needs to be repaired. The most simple eyelid injuries can sometimes be repaired with stitches, but more serious injuries and defects may require skin grafting, possibly taken from an area nearby the eyelid, or a flap of skin and muscle can be taken from elsewhere on your body.

Reconstruction of the eyelids in Wayne, PA

This type of procedure is delicate, complex and vitally important. Our oculo-facial surgeons are highly specialized in surgeries of the face and eyes, and know how to repair eyelid damage while taking into account the tear ducts, eye appearance, function and other factors.

Enucleation and Evisceration

An eye injury or tumor may also require "enucleation" or "evisceration":

  • Enucleation: removal of the entire eye
  • Evisceration: Removal of the contents of the eye

While enucleation removes the entire eyeball, evisceration leaves the muscles of the eye and the white portion of the eye intact.

One of these procedures may be necessary to manage pain caused by a blind eye, to treat a tumor or an infection, or to improve the appearance of a disfigured eye. If a tumor is present, enucleation is often the best course of action. For the other eye problems, removal or evisceration may be an option. Our experienced oculo-facial surgeons will determine the most appropriate treatment.

If you have suffered an eyelid injury or have a defect from tumor removal surgery, please call Morgenstern Center for Orbital and Facial Plastic Surgery, at (610) 687.8771, to learn about your eyelid reconstruction options near and beyond the greater Main Line Philadelphia area.