Tear Drain Surgery

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If you have persistent issues with the appearance or function of certain facial features and you live around Philadelphia, revision surgery is one of the ways the oculo-facial surgeons at the Morgenstern Center can help. One such example of revision surgery is tear drain surgery, used to treat a blocked tear duct.

If you have the symptoms of a blocked tear duct and think surgery might be necessary, then set up an appointment with the Morgenstern Center today. Call (610) 687.8771 to reach our Philadelphia-area surgical practice.

Tear Duct Blockage Symptoms

Diagnosing a tear duct blockage can be tricky, because they can occur at almost any time. But there are a few telltale symptoms, chief among them being irritation and a painful swelling on the inside corner of your eyelid. Often the blockage occurs due to an infection, and if left untreated, the infection can spread, so you'll want to get your tear duct treated as soon as possible.

Non-surgical options for treating your tear duct blockage include:

  • antibiotic eyedrops
  • flushing the ducts with saline
  • dilation and probing of the ducts
  • dilation via balloon catheter
  • intubation of the ducts

If the tear duct does not respond to these treatment methods, or if it is big enough that they are unlikely to work, you will want to have surgery done by an expert.

Tear Duct Procedure

The swelling and pain that accompany a blocked tear duct come from fluid in your nasal passages being unable to drain through the tear ducts like they normally can. Tear drain surgery, also called dacryocystorhinostomy, reconstructs a passage from the nasolacrimal duct to the corner of your eyes, allowing the tears to drain freely again.

To do this, the surgeon bypasses the blockage with a new connection, often placing a stent into the new connection to make sure it heals properly. This will be removed in a separate procedure several months after the surgery. After the surgery, you'll be given a nasal decongestant spray and antibiotic eyedrops to prevent infection and reduce inflammation.

Philadelphia's Reconstructive Surgery Experts

At the Morgenstern Center, our oculo-facial surgeons are experts on facial reconstructive surgery, and have performed tear drain procedures plenty of times before. They are more than willing to discuss every aspect of the surgery to you, and our professional staff will do everything it can to put you at ease. To schedule an initial consultation with the Morgenstern Center, contact us by calling (610) 687.8771 today. We serve patients in Wayne, Philadelphia, King of Prussia, and the surrounding areas.