Morgenstern Center Reviews

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Last spring Dr. Harvey Wolbransky showed me how an old scar above my right eye was blocking my vision.  He suggested that I have surgery to lift the skin to regain my peripheral vision.  As a football coach my vision is an important tool in viewing our players to properly evaluate their technique and play.

Initially I was resistive to the very thought of having "plastic surgery."  However, after a series of exams and tests it became evident that a substantial part of my vision was being obstructed by the scar tissue.  At this time I realized I had to have surgery.  Dr. Wolbransky and I selected you and your team to perform the procedure.  During my first appointment each member of your team helped to make me comfortable and confident with the decision to have surgery.  Your insights and descriptions allowed me to understand the procedure and actually helped me look forward to having the surgery.

On the day of the surgery, I found everyone to be professional and comforting.  When you checked with me moments prior to going into the operating area, your bedside manner gave me confidence that it was to be a great end result.  When I came out of the anesthesia everyone was very personable and helpful.  Once I arrived home I found your instructions dealing with a speedy recovery were spot on.  There was little swelling and the bruising was held to a minimum.  On my post-surgery follow up,  you could barely see I'd been operated on.  There was one very obvious change "I COULD SEE!"  Just look at my before and after pictures and the difference is very evident.

I want to thank you and your entire team for a job well done!