Myogenic Ptosis in Children

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When it comes to your child, droopy eyelids are not simply a cosmetic characteristic but more seriously, they are a medical concern. If your young child has droopy eyelids, they may be suffering from a condition known as myogenic ptosis, which can have negative life long impacts on your child’s vision if not treated before the age of 6.

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Diagnosing Childhood Ptosis and Associated Health Problems

The most obvious sign of myogenic ptosis in children is the presence of a drooping eyelid. If a drooping lid is affecting your child’s vision, you may notice your child frequently tilting his or her head back to see better or they may raise their eyebrows in an attempt to lift their lids up. If you observe this behavior, you should seek a medical diagnosis from your eye doctor and pursue corrective treatment immediately.

Because your child’s visual system will develop and mature by age 6, correcting developmental vision issues associated with ptosis early on is critical. Once the visual system has finished developing, untreated ptosis-induced poor vision will become permanent.

Most ptosis related vision problems are due to the onset of a condition known as amblyopia, or ‘lazy eye’. This condition can occur for children with myogenic ptosis as a result of:

  • Impaired visual development due to eyelid blockage of the visual axis
  • Undiagnosed misaligned or crossed eyes hidden by the drooping lid
  • The presence of an stigmatism that often accompanies ptosis

The key to keeping your child’s eyes healthy and preventing lifelong visual impairment and other complications is to recognize ptosis early and pursue immediate treatment.

Treating Myogenic Ptosis in Children

The most common form of treatment for childhood ptosis is surgery. At our plastic surgery facility, our experienced surgeons have years of experience performing eyelid surgeries for both cosmetic and medical reasons.

Our compassionate and highly skilled team of experts will assess your child’s needs personally and will walk you through every step of the surgical process to ensure your child receives the care they deserve and the treatment they need.

To find out more about treating your child’s myogenic ptosis in Philadelphia, call (610) 687.8771 to schedule a private consultation.