Kybella™ Double Chin Treatment

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Fat deposits just beneath your chin can be among the most noticeable signs of aging, as well as the most stubborn. Without dermal fillers or other injectables that are able to get rid of this excess fat, surgical solutions like neck lifts have been the only answer. But now, thanks to Kybella™, you have an easier option.

In April 2015, the FDA approved Kybella for patients who wished to reduce fat beneath their chin, improving their profile and giving their face a youthful look. If you have stubborn chin fat and would like to see if Kybella can help, set up an appointment at The Morgenstern Center’s Suite 202 Spa by calling (610) 687.8771.

How Kybella™ Works


The active ingredient in Kybella is deoxycholic acid, a compound that is naturally produced by your body. Deoxycholic acid aids in breaking down fat and turning it into energy. By injecting an extra amount of this acid into the fat beneath your chin, you allow your body to break down the fat much more quickly than normal, giving you a stronger jawline and a more youthful neck.

Kybella can be used to treat the "double chin" that occurs due to excess fat on your neck. Properly applied, Kybella will destroy the fat cells, leading to:

  • Disappearance of your double chin
  • A more striking chin profile
  • A sharper jawline
  • Reduction of excess neck fat.

If you are familiar with dermal fillers, you know that most of them require you to revisit the doctor every 6-12 months to have the fillers re-injected. Kybella is different. After 2-6 appointments that take place within a single month, you never need to come back to the doctor's for more Kybella. While most dermal fillers require you to come back to the doctor every 3-12 months, Kybella injections have permanent results. Once your initial treatment sessions have been completed, you will likely not have any further issues with fat accumulating beneath your chin, so long as you do not gain too much additional weight after the procedure.

Finding a Kybella™ Treatment Plan in Philadelphia

The most important factor in how successful your Kybella treatments are lies with the doctor that you choose. A well-qualified surgeon should have experience working with facial muscles, and should work closely with you to develop a treatment plan likely to generate optimal results.

The board-certified facial surgeons at The Morgenstern Center can help you decide whether Kybella is the right option for you. We can also recommend alternatives that may better meet your personal aesthetic goals. To schedule an appointment at our Philadelphia-area facial surgery practice, contact The Morgenstern Center at (610) 687.8771. We serve patients in Wayne, King of Prussia, Philadelphia, and the surrounding areas.