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I just wanted to let you guys know that after I got home last night and was reflecting on my visit, I thought about how incredibly humble Dr. Morgenstern truly is.  During my story about how my friend commented, "You look TOTALLY DIFFERENT!" and my reply only being, "Oh, it's my hair and my teeth!"  - I thought about how Dr. M just smiled and seemed so proud of that.  I thought afterwards that I sorta felt BAD that I wasn't giving HIM all the credit he deserved!! More importantly, I thought about how Dr. Morgenstern - like I would probably imagine other plastic surgeons might say - didn't say to me, 'Well, you should tell them what you did and give them my name', or something to that effect.   What a humble and nice person, to take that kind of pride in his work - to give women the joy and confidence we really seek within ourselves, rather than self-promote.  Thank you both for making this experience - all around - a good one.  This decision for me was a long-time coming and I am thrilled!