Ectropion and Entropion Eyelid Correction

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Ectropion Eyelid Correction | Entropion Eyelid Surgery | PhiladelphiaYour eyelids are one of the most important lines of defense your eyes have against foreign contaminants, and when they fail to work properly, it can compromise your ocular health. Ectropion and entropion, or the involuntary turning-out or turning-in of the eyelids, can lead to more serious issues if they are not corrected with reconstructive facial surgery.

At the Morgenstern Center, oculo-facial surgeons Dr. Ken Morgenstern and Dr. Joseph Giacometti can correct your eyelid issues! To schedule an initial consultation at our Philadelphia reconstructive surgery practice, give us a call at (610) 687.8771.

Ectropion Surgery

Ectropion is when your eyelid "turns out," exposing the inside of the eyelid to the open air. This happens most frequently with the lower eyelid. It can lead to redness, swelling, and near-constant irritation around the eye. While eyedrops or artificial tears can provide temporary relief, a surgical procedure is necessary to permanently correct the condition.

There are four different subtypes of ectropion, each with its own cause:

  • Mechanical ectropion is caused by a tumor or other mass under the eyelid, warping its shape.
  • Paralytic ectropion is caused by weakening of the muscles that support the eyelid.
  • Involutional ectropion is caused by the skin of the eyelid being too loose.
  • Cicatricial ectropion is caused by shortening of the muscles around the eye.

The surgical procedure changes depending on what is causing your ectropion. The surgeons at the Morgenstern Center may need to remove a tumor, tighten the skin of the eyelid, or reattach your eyelid to the underlying muscle.

Entropion Surgery

Entropion occurs when the eyelid "turns in," often causing your eyelashes to get tucked between your eyeball and eyelid. This leads to rapid irritation, complete with redness and inflammation all around the affected eye. Involuntary spasms of the eye muscles often accompany these symptoms.

The different types of entropion include:

  • Congenital entropion, caused by a fold of skin on the eyelid that can turn inward as you age.
  • Involutional entropion, caused by a loosening of the tissues and muscles in and around the eye.
  • Cicatricial entropion, caused by burns, diseases, or facial surgeries that leave scars on the eye's tissue.

Entropion can sometimes be temporarily treated with BOTOX®, which keeps the muscles around the eyelid from turning the eyelid in. However, as with ectropion, surgery to tighten the eyelid is the only long-term solution.

Eyelid Correction Surgery in Philadelphia

If you have entropion or ectropion, you'll want to have it fixed by a professional as soon as possible. The frequent turning of your eyelid can be painful and irritating, and can make everyday tasks much more difficult. Fortunately, the certified oculo-facial surgeons at the Morgenstern Center have the experience and skill necessary to fix your eyelid.

Drs. Morgenstern and Giacometti are proud to serve patients from Philadelphia, Wayne, King of Prussia, and the surrounding areas. To set up an appointment for your ectropion or entropion surgery, contact the Morgenstern Center by calling (610) 687.8771 or filling out a form at the top of this page.